About Us

Blacksand Builders is the next generation in construction management. Located in Silicon Valley, we bring highly talented individuals with years of experience in the industry. Our company was founded on the belief that integrity, ethical-work, and client-value experiences can redefine the construction industry in order to reach its full potential.

Comprised of an exclusive team of individuals from varying backgrounds, it is our aligned passions for excellence and fulfillment that unite us. Our experiences can be seen throughout the Bay Area and beyond. From advanced healthcare facilities to the dozens of leading corporate campuses, our core group of Blacksand members have been an integral element in these successful designs.

The Blacksand Difference

Our commitment to raising industry standards and client expectations are at the core of Blacksand Builders. With every interaction, we value maintaining relationships that are both transparent and trusting. It is through our embrace of safety, diversity, innovation, and ethical business practices that we are able to achieve nothing less than perfection. As individuals, we recognize the shortcomings of our industry. Nevertheless, we are determined to remain engaged and confident so that we may be a part of recreating the future of the construction industry.

Blacksand At A Glance

Safety Modification Rate

Berkshire Hathaway

Bank Reference

Bank of The West

Bond Capacity

$25 Million

Team Members

22 Full-Time Employees

Union Affiliation

Carpenter’s Union

Area of Focus

The Greater Bay Area